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About KD Coke

KD Coke bring in superior quality Met Coke in the market. Met coke is also known as metallurgical coke among the industry. Met Coke is remarkable for it high fixed carbon content effective for various metallurgical applications. Our Met Coke Foundry is high on demand in the sectors such as Ferro Alloys, Graphite, VSK Cement plants & Foundry works. This is the first coal washery for the washing of high sulphur coal of North East India.Our company is a prominent supplier of Met Coke,Graphite and Ferro Alloys in India and Bhutan.

Low Ash Metallurgical Coke is required for metallurgical and chemical industries and is used as the primary fuel where high temperature and uniform heating is required. The industrial consumers of LAMC include integrated steel plants, industry/foundries producing Ferro Alloys, Pig Iron, Engineering Goods, Chemicals, Soda Ash and Zinc units etc.

Low Ash Mettalurgical Coke

Hard Coke

Breeze Coke